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Year 7 Day 273 13:15

Hello. I was recommended to this game by my brother, who's name (or former name, might I add) was Jaq Gori. He too had registrationg trouble, because of an inactive player whos IP adress was apparently being re-used by AOL. It took a couple of days, but they fixed it. Any way, I'd like to join, but I can't register. I sent in a aplication 2 days ago, and never got an email. Here's me info:

Handle: Neth Dehern
Email (paid): eillah844@aol.com
Borther's handle: Jaq Gori

So, if someojne could sort this out, I'd be very happy!

Year 7 Day 273 15:41
First, no account has that email or name, so it may have been declined.
Second, you and your brother need to register as multi-accounts, which also mean you need to be in the same faction or one of you stays neutral.
Third, you need to sign-up again.



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Year 7 Day 273 16:38
Jaq Gori
Jaq Gori
I've sent in an Email to the Multi Accounts adress.

We both plan to stay Freelance, or at least I do.

She has.

Edited By: Jaq Gori on Year 7 Day 273 16:59
Year 7 Day 274 12:51

(Jaq Gori)

I've been banned for shairng a connection with a guy I DO NOT know, so therefor COULD NOT have registered as a Multi Account with him if I wanted to (if I don't know, I can't do it). Therefore, my sister can't register. And while I'm banned, I don't have any way to register myself as a Multi. So because of something I didn't nor have anything to do with, I'm screwed?

Year 7 Day 274 12:54
David Kellar
David Kellar
Hopefully not, but it will take some e-mail correspondence with Syn to convince her of what is going on.

Year 7 Day 274 14:28
It will? I'm not the multi-admin, I just posted on the Sim News for Red.



Year 7 Day 274 14:46

Well, either way, I don't know this guy. I'd appreciate it if somone who CAN unban us does as such so I cna get us registered as Multis. Hell, I didn't even know anyone else in my area was AROUND my area. I live way, WAY out in the country.

Year 7 Day 274 18:38

(Jaq Gori)

I've yet to recieve a reply to my Email (don't take it the wrong way, I know people have lives, just stating the fact), and have a couple of questions:

One, since Multi bans are now apparently temporary things, how long do they last?

Two, do I still have CPs deducted even though I didn't realize I was sharing an IP adress with someone?

Three, whatever happened to Nym Wei? Did he get banned? He was going to give me a hand with a few things once I became 'Alive' again. but now this happens.

Four, relating to the above question, what happens if (prefferably when) I am unbanned? Do I have to restart my 21 "Death Days" (which was at 12), is the clock still ticking for them, or am I automatically alive again if I am unbanned before the 12 more days is up?

Sorry for the long post, just curious.

Hoping to jeoin Regular Combinineeian Life Soon,
Former Jaq Gori

Year 7 Day 274 22:34
1 - Multi bans are not necessarily temporary. I don't know how Kyle's dealing with the punishments at the moment, but while I was multi admin I tended to leave one multi permanently banned, and the other would be unbanned with partial asset loss.

2 - It's not necessarily CPs; I usually deducted credits or assets, but left XP alone. Again, no idea how Kyle's doing this now, but it's generally your responsibility to let multi-accounts know if you're on a shared connection.

3 - Nothing has been posted on the Sim News about Nym Wei dying. Though if you've been keeping up with IC events it does look as though he's dead.

4 - You're not "automatically alive again," but the death timer doesn't pause during a period of being banned so you'd be able to create a new character right away if you're unbanned after the timer expires.



Year 7 Day 276 20:14

Well, still waiting for a reply 3 days after my Intial mail and 2 days after my second one. Any chance someone could prod a Multi Admin to check the Multi Accounts inbox by using a stick?

Year 7 Day 278 12:53

5 and 4 days after my mails, still nothing. Can I just re-register or what?

Just my personal opinion, but there is a HUGE gap in the system. What happens if, in my case, you're in the same area as someone else who plays the Combine but you don't know it? And, hypothecially, let's say you donate $230.00 to the Combine to get enough CPs to buy a Bayonet Cruiser. What happens if the above Scenario happens? Are you just screwed, even though you donated a large sum of cash to the game? Or will it be refuned? Or, prefferably, you be banned for a shorter period and have either none/small captial removed?

Year 7 Day 278 15:17
If you re-register you effectively create another illegal multi.

When you make a donation to the Combine you are donating your money for server costs and such. You shouldn't expect to get anything out of it in the first place, and you should never just be donating out of greed. As such, anytime you donate anything to anyone, don't expect to get it back, or to get anything back for doing it. The fact that you receive anything at all in return is sheer generosity.

And no, you can't "buy" an unban.



Year 7 Day 281 4:17

it says i viotlated the multi account rules but i dont remember the first name i tried and i never got a veification thing for it so i dont know what to do