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Year 7 Day 276 6:43
Zarch Warbringer
Zarch Warbringer
ok so the only thing i have done so far is spent 4 hours walking and accidentally spent all my starting 5k an di cant even use the knives i bought

ok so how do you fight, make creds and all that good stuff

Year 7 Day 276 6:44
Zarch Warbringer
Zarch Warbringer
also as a trando why can i name myself hississk or dazzossk or something

Year 7 Day 276 8:03
The Combine is a work in progress. It isn't finished. So things like combat are not currently possible.

And you can't name yourself according to your race because you need to pick your name before you pick your race.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 7 Day 276 8:30
If you need more information on how to do things, I suggest reading The Guide and joining a faction, they will usually provide you with a job and a ship to use.


Year 7 Day 276 11:16
Zarch Warbringer
Zarch Warbringer
well i wanna join the RA but it takes soooo long

Year 7 Day 276 18:46
Then you have the option to be patient and wait for them, or try a faster faction. We can't help you with that.



Year 7 Day 278 7:05

how do I log in and play?

Year 7 Day 278 15:12
Enter your login information on the front page and hit the Log In button.

Please open your own thread for your question instead of posting in someone else's.