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Archives » Problem:I cant get into orbit
Year 7 Day 277 10:23
Corinna Doorna
Corinna Doorna
I've done what is written in the reference sheets about getting into orbit till I get to Planet. Then all it says is the information about the planet I'm on and says nothing about orbit like the reference sheets say it should. What should I do?

Corinna Doorna

Year 7 Day 277 10:49
Are you currently in the atmosphere layer? If not, please ascend into the atmosphere layer
Are you travelling in a ship? If not, please get out of the vehicle and get a ship to fly, vehicles cannot leave a planet themselves.


Year 7 Day 277 10:58
Corinna Doorna
Corinna Doorna
I don't know if I'm in the atmosphere or not. I am in a ship and I have undocked from the landing pad.

Corinna Doorna

Year 7 Day 277 11:20
Assumeing you are in a space ship

In the Cockpit mode Go to [Travel] => City and hit the [Ascend] button, this will take you to atmosphere

Upon Arriving hit the [Planet] => Orbit button This will take another hour, and you will be in orbit.


Year 7 Day 277 11:23
Corinna Doorna
Corinna Doorna
thank you. I'm on my way into the atmosphere.

Corinna Doorna