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Year 7 Day 277 19:48
Imazushi Shinoto
Imazushi Shinoto
Hi guys & gals. Um, my brother Izakani Shinoto registered a few weeks ago, and put that I would share his internet connection. I sent a email to, as did he. I was clicking around a few minutes ago and noticed we werent registered. I dont wanna be the next Jaq Gori and be banned, so, yeah, I'm posting about it in hopes I wont be....again :) Take care.

Oh yeah, should I send another email regarding this, or will it be taken care of here?

Year 7 Day 277 21:14
Taken care of, but now you are breaking the rules by being in two different factions, please fix this ASAP or you will be banned.



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Year 7 Day 278 13:42
He's arrested, he can't leave his current faction - so don't ban him over it. He'll leave as soon as he's able to, or of course, once dead. But it's not bannable.


Year 7 Day 278 14:10
both of them arretested`?


Year 7 Day 278 14:11
Unless both of them are arrested, one can leave his faction. If they are both arrested and in different factions it shouldn't prevent them from being banned, since they weren't allowed to be in different factions anyways.


Year 7 Day 280 6:20
Imazushi Shinoto
Imazushi Shinoto
It was my fault. We were in the same faction, but then I left, cuz they suck, and joined Eidola, cuz they dont suck.