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Archives » Question on storing materials
Year 7 Day 281 12:04
So, I'm about to buy some facilities, and it is important that they can do all I want them to do. So, I understand the icon that depicts ships and vehicles storage ability. But, how about raw materials? Can anything with space hold materials, or just warehouses, silos, etc?



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Year 7 Day 281 13:11
1.11/ Storing materials:
Raw Materials are stored first in the cargo area of the mining facilities and then silos of the same owner in the same city. Later, they can be moved to cargo area of vehicles or ships in same city. If city is full (eg. Both the Mine and Silos are full), then mining is stopped. Only certain facilities can store raw materials, these are Warehouse, Hangar, Landing Pad, Factory, Mine, Recycling Plant, Silo, Bacta Refinement Facility, Dry Dock, Naval Shipyard, Port, Starport, Lab. 

From the Mining Rules. A little obscure, but not too hard to find.


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Year 7 Day 281 15:07
... Damn! thanks for the info



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