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Archives » What should I expect when I level up
Dayyn Gorvai
Dayyn Gorvai
From the rules section:

"How do I increase my skill points?

Every time you level, you receive a new skill point to use. These skill points can be allocated to your skills via the Character link on your right menu. However, such increases cannot be undone, and the definitions for skills which are not yet implemented may change in the future."

1) Is there anything else that you gain besides 1 skill point when you level up? If so, what?
2) Are you given just 1 skill point regardless of what level you are reaching each time you advance a level?

Thanks, I know for some this should be straight forward, but I would rather ask and understand then get disappointed later.

1.) Yes, you get additional HP.
2.) Yes.

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Dayyn Gorvai
Deleted by Dayyn Gorvai. Reason: I found the answer in the rules