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Archives » IRC Server Decision about IceChat
So, this decision about banning IceChat from the server. Why was this decided? Redbat claims that IceChat "hammers" the server which is the reason why it's going to be banned from the server.

When I first saw the Global about this, I started asking questions - "How does IceChat hammer the server?" and I wasn't given any answers. Directly asked Redbat about it and he didn't give any answer, just mumbo jumbo. To find out about this, I had to go to the Ice Chat forum and ask the question. Where I asked the questions is located here:

For those who don't want to see the page, here's the transcript:

Me: Hi guys, I've got what seems to be a general questions. I chat on an IRC server that just recently decided to ban the use of IceChat on it, because of the fact that it "hammers" the IRC server by constantly testing the server to produce a latency log.

The IRCops and the server administration won't explain this, and so I decided to come here to ask the question about it. Along with that, is there a way that one can disable this feature on IceChat so that it doesn't do this?

Thanks for your help :)


You can disable this "server hammering" which is quite funny, cuz all it does is send a PING request every 3 minutes for lag checking.

Open up the server editor, and disable "Server Lag in Console" feature.

It's kinda sad when I had to go to the website of the object in question to find out what RB said meant. And I think this gives a fix for the issue, doesn't it?

When I brought it up in the -members, Phryss said: [2345:34] If it were possible to check on connect to see if the client has that disabled, then maybe the exception could be made.

This should be easy, shouldn't it? I mean, everytime we connect to the server, the server sends a /stats request to each client, so it should be easy to figure it out.

I just dont understand why banning an IRC client from the server is necessary when the option can be disabled.


Yeah, I think I'm back for IRC-related questions.



So, I can't even prose the question here for any input from other people and the such? The forum is "General Questions", btw. So I don't see why it can't be answered here.


Yeah, I think I'm back
Mostly because Redbat doesn't regularly read these forums and sending him a direct email is the quickest way ...


If he doesn't regularly read the forums, then it shouldn't be our fault. I'd prefer he'd respond here, because I know there are a few people who feel this issue needs to be discussed publicly because it just seems to be BS in our eyes.


Yeah, I think I'm back

This is probably going to just get me yelled at again but, I dont care.

The 'server hammering' Redbat is refering to is the IceChat client send one ping every 3 minutes to make sure it is still connected. This is an absolutly tiny ammount of traffic and should not phase the server at all. According to one IRCop there were 20 IceChat users. That approximately 400 ping an hour. Which would come out to 6-8 bytes per second of traffic, the equilvant of about one word of text per second.

To prove that the server could certainly handle pings, I sent 400 pings to the server over a period of 400 seconds. They all returned with reasonably fast response time and the server didn't seem to notice, as I was still able to see the people in #swc-members yelling about my stupiding and how redbat is always correct.

Also, claims were made that the server couldnt handle anything extra because it is a PC in Redbat's house. This is not true, the IRC server is indeed a server location in Houston Texas run by Everyones Internet.

Summary: The admins have not told us a legit reason for screwing the people who like IceChat.

Deimos Falkenberg
Deimos Falkenberg
I hate thinking im logged in and posting...

Yes, you all whined about this in the -members room yesterday. I'll tell you the same thing here that you were told then: If you're serious about wanting more information, contact Redbat directly. Complaining about it elsewhere won't accomplish anything at all, and conveys primarily that you're more interested in stirring up trouble than researching and subsequently discussing this rationally.

Closing since the only person who can answer this doesn't frequent these forums.