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Year 7 Day 282 18:17
David Kellar
David Kellar
Ok say you are invited into a factions private forums, while it is known that you are a member of and allied with another faction, is it legal to use that info?

Year 7 Day 282 23:06
Well, obviously you will be a third party, and third parties are allowed to trade information.

There also USED to be a clause about being on private mailing lists, etc, while not a part of the group, but having to have your allegiance clearly marked on ever message. I say used to, because that portion is now gone from the Spying Rules.

I'd say if you were INVITED, then it's not an "infiltration". Probably best to reply to the person issuing the invitation reminding them you are not part of the group. Then if they still ask you to participate, that's entirely their fault.


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Year 7 Day 283 10:21
David Kellar
David Kellar
Well I'm not planning on doing any spying, I was hired as legal counsel for an individual, but the thought crossed my mind so I thought I would ask..