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Archives » Problems with Mutli Accounts
Year 7 Day 284 8:38

Well yesterday I decided to see if I can play SWcombine with my old account, but the problem is it kept on saying invalid password, I even tried the lost password thing and it gave me "the 24 hour thing". So I decided to register a new account, and it says that I was suspicous of going to use multi accounts. I just want my old account to be deleted, because I can't log into it, because I want to make a new account.
Could anybody help?

Year 7 Day 284 9:24
Please wait 24 hours to get a new password or post your handle and email address here or send it to assistants@swcombine.com.
We will not delete your old account!


Year 7 Day 284 9:27

It says the handle does not exist when I try to log into the old account.

Year 7 Day 284 9:50

My Handle is Atrayous Dreyagorn
My Email is j_bonilla@fayar.net
It says that it's an invalid Handle, and it says Invalid Email.

Year 7 Day 284 10:05
That account and email are not in the database at all, but these two are that have the same IP as you:
Atton Cryos, F_BONILLA@FAYAR.net
Thorin Bednarski, Thorin099@cox.net

Both of which are active.



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Year 7 Day 284 10:07

Thorin is the a friend that came over and got me back into it, he doesn't have the same ip, he just checked it. but that's no excuse I believe, my brother is the atton guy. as Fayar, is the school district, and that is his school email, but that is no excuse. the problem is, I don't know if I'm able to use my own email and put his name under the using the same ip adress thing.

Year 7 Day 284 10:11

So Ranma, am I able to make an account with the email j_bonilla@fayar.net? and put my brothers and I guess, my friend's Thorins under the same Ip? or do I have to email mutliaccounts?
If I do, may I please have the email?

Year 7 Day 284 10:38
Do both and have them email multi-accounts@swcombine.com as well.



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Year 7 Day 284 11:11

I sent the email that my brother and friend are using the same connection, and so did my bro, am I going to be ok to sign up?

Year 7 Day 284 15:06
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
Side note..if Ranma didn't say it yet..you must be in the same factions or 1/2/3 must freelance. Let Atton know that, I don't want to arrest both Atton and thorin..since they are both in my faction.


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