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New Republic Remembers Kashyyyk Massacre (Posted by Gryffyn Grayurra on Year 11 Day 358)


The New Republic held the unveiling and dedication of the Kashyyyk Massacre Memorial Monument on Kashyyk today, the fifth anniversary of the Galactic Empire's genocide of Wookiees. Five years ago, the Galactic Empire attacked the Wookiee homeworld, purposely killing numerous Wookiees and other beings on the planet's surface under the pretext that the Wookiees were traitors to the Empire. Known as "Black Forest Day" to many Wookiees throughout the galaxy, Day 357 is now a day of mourning for the Wookiee people and a reminder of those lost. 

Kashyyyk Memorial

The New Republic officially recognized Day 357 as Kashyyyk Remembrance or Black Forest Day after an Act to do so was passed by the New Republic Senate. In the New Republic, Day 357 is now a day to commemorate the loss of life and to educate the citizens of the Republic about tolerance and respect for other beings. The dedication of the Memorial Monument on Kashyyyk is one of the first events held in New Republic space in relation to the official recognition.

New Republic Wookiee Employees

The Governor of the Kashyyyk system High Admiral Josh Jericho, other New Republic officials and Wookiee leaders spoke at the dedication of the new monument. They highlighted the strong relations between the Wookiee people and the New Republic since Kashyyyk was liberated during Operation Forging Freedom from the Galactic Empire puppet state of the Twelve Colonies in Year 8. Millions of Wookiees are currently employed by the New Republic, its nationalized corporations and private sector affiliates, making them a vital part of the New Republic.

New Republic Officials Speak at the Kashyyyk Memorial

Another topic that was highlighted by officials during the dedication was new defenses built on the planet in the time since the liberation. According to New Republic officials, these defenses will protect Kashyyyk in the future and prevent atrocities like the Kashyyyk massacre from happening again. High Admiral Jericho spoke of his own personal promise to defend Kashyyyk and its citizens, stating, "As we dedicate this statue to the memory of those you have lost, I want to let you know, I am dedicated to the freedom and the protection of Kashyyyk. I first came to Kashyyyk as a young, junior navy officer as part of New Republic force in charge of liberating Kashyyyk from the puppets that the Empire left to rule. I fell in love with the green forests of Kashyyyk and with her people. I say, 'Never again will you have to suffer another massacre.' We have built the shields and defenses that should repel any enemy military force. I vow that I will defend Kashyyyk with all my strength, and, if need be, I will die at your sides defending her."

New Republic spokesbeings said the New Republic would continue with further events to remember Day 357, hoping the New Republic and galaxy would use the memory of the tragedy to prevent similar events.  

Onboard the MC-80b NRDC Emissary in system Sullust (111, -320) on Year 11 Day 357 0:08.
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