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The Falleen Federation and Sienar Conglomerate join the Galactic Concordiate
Posted by: Salamku Derov, Trade Federation
Date: Year 20 Day 5

As nightfall drew in over the skies of Taanab, only the whistling of fireworks could be heard above the revelry of crowds below, where at the Trade Federation Palace, just a few hours earlier, representatives of the Galactic Concordiate had met ... [Read More]

Shili Free Press Goes Public
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 5

It was recently announced that Shili Free Press has joined the recent boom of business entities registered with the Galactic Business Bureau.  The recent boom of registrations has been predicated on the Bureau’s relaxing of certain requiremen... [Read More]

Cybot CEO comes out with official statement regarding the death of Amelia Moretti
Posted by: Jeff Froud, Cybot Galactica
Date: Year 19 Day 365

This is Jeff Froud from the Galactica Group Press Office, live from the headquarters of Cybot Galactica. The Galactica Group has announced a live press conference just a few hours ago regarding the tragic death of Amelia Moretti and the direct aft... [Read More]

The Good Fight To Come
Hacked by: Gand Xitwa, New Republic
Date: Year 19 Day 352

RNN Headquarters, REPUBLICA -- With the recent news of its resignation and three month transitional period from the Galactic Alliance, the New Republic reaffirms its continued opposition of the Galactic Empire and Imperial Union; a staunch contras... [Read More]

The Mournful Truth
Posted by: Narmo Colmven, Endless Initiative
Date: Year 19 Day 352

The screen flashes black and a masked, hooded figure appears.

“Greetings, sentients of the galaxy. We apologize for interrupting your regularly scheduled programming but it is time the galaxy knows the truth about the death of Countess C... [Read More]

Fate of the political prisoners of the Hosnian Conflict
Posted by: Casten Maziel Waryn, Tion Hegemony
Date: Year 19 Day 351

Earlier last week, the planet of Kazarak in the Sertar sector, bore witness to an exceptional act of kindness in the midst of political war and civil unrest. Months after the Hosnian conflict began bombarding the galaxy with reports of high-profil... [Read More]

Political Shakeups in the News
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Corporate Sector Commodities
Date: Year 19 Day 351

Recently, there has been a lot of political intrigue across the galaxy. In a stunning move, the New Republic has withdrawn from the Galactic Alliance. In their formal notice to the alliance, posted by High Ambassador Xitwa, the Republic c... [Read More]

Kell Decrees Krexit – Krath announces departure from Galactic Alliance
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 19 Day 350

Krath to leave in less than 24 hours, Emperor Kell says

Several hours ago, Emperor Lazarus Kell and his Imperial Council had reached a decision that will undoubtedly affect Krath space for years to come. After calling in an emerge... [Read More]

Pitched Tents Peak Over Failed Bounty Hunter- An Explainer
Posted by: Argon Nightwish, Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 19 Day 347

Sevarcos – “Credits are nothing!” “Tents are forever!” says Eidola Chief Tent Executive Fleuf Naze. Indeed Fleuf is working to change the economic landscape of the galaxy, looking to fill the void left by the decreasing relevance of the ... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 17: A new military force emerged today. The Hive is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Zorix Zoff. The first headquarters of The Hive opened today in Stormwatch 4,6 on Fitca Prime.
Year 20 Day 16: Avelyn ca Vella, the leader of Fairwind Exotics was replaced today by Zorunda Kaliemo.