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An Interview with a Defector (Posted by Crystal Carter on Year 6 Day 181)

Smiling brightly, Jaydon TaVolarian looks up at the camera.
"Greetings gentle beings. Tonight, we have a special interview to share with you. We are speaking with Owen von Ismay."

I've agreed to do an interview about my defecting, the GE, etc, etc...
So where shall i start?
Let's start with your motives for doing so?
In the beginning, I believed that the Galactic Empire was going to bring order to the galaxy. Gradually, I realized that the Empire wasn't what I'd thought it was. Myself and others who felt the same way tried to improve it from within, but gradually we became even more disillusioned, until only Turner and I were left. Finally, after yet another argument with Vodo about a certain incompetent in IHC, I realized things were never going to improve.
And that incompetent being was...
Grand Moff Zerk.
That sounds canned, if you don't mind me saying so.
I'll put it in a simpler way. I thought I could change the system from inside. But the rot went too deep.
Which emperor do you prefer?
I only served two, Uebles and Vodo. I wasn't high enough ranking during Uebles' time to know what was really going on.
* Jaydon nods. "So which of the two do you prefer?"
So why NAO? Why did you choose NAO?
I knew its leader and it seemed like the right thing to do.
Good friends?
Business associtaes?
Half brothers.
That helps..
Yeah. Although we were friends before we discovered we were related.
* Jaydon nods. "So long time relation, and why do you think it was right?"
The Empire and I did our best to destroy the NAO. I owed it something."
Like I said, my previous employer and I tried to destroy it.
* Jaydon shrugs. "Most people don't have that kind of honor motivating them."
I'm not most people.
But I'll admit, I mainly came because of my Brother.
* Jaydon nods. "Have you talked with any of the charonisst since you left? did they influence your decision in any way?"
Most of the Charonists despised me before I left the Galactic Empire. A few have remarked that they liked my post.
And the charonists are mostly spread out amongst merc/paramilitary now, correct?
Yeah, they're spread out all over the place now.
When you speak of Vodo and his lackey Zerk, which Zerk are you referring to?
Zerk is Grand Moff, and acting Naval Commander. 3rd in Command of the empire.
He's also done more than anyone else to hasten the empire's destruction.
Such as?
Mainly driven people such as myself away. He's also promoted his own cronies, who are invariably corrupt or incomptent.
It took me two months to get a handful of ships reassigned.
* Jaydon blinks. "2 months? And I notice we have gone past your 15 minutes here."
2 months. Count them.
Thanks for your time.
Always a pleasure.
* Jaydon bows.

"Well there you have it folks, in his own words."
From the Civic Center Nebular in city Taleahern II on planet Hosrel IV (263, -20) on Year 6 Day 179 18:54.
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