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Events in Brief
Year 19 Day 358: William Skingrad, the leader of Maldra Mining was replaced today by Lunamarra Dexton.
Year 19 Day 357: Rather than fall in line with Tresario Star Kingdom's recent requests, Toydaria I issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Tresario Star Kingdom a criminal organization on their planet.
Year 19 Day 356: Ben Tzadikim, the leader of Cloud City was replaced today by Cab Bac.
Year 19 Day 356: Exanthium Kerensky, the leader of Rogue Tiger Security Services was replaced today by Domin Rob.
Year 19 Day 356: Dha Werda Verda has been renamed to Rogue Tiger Security Services. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 356: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Killian Shipyards specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Kellen Deming. The first headquarters of Killian Shipyards opened today in [KD] Mantle 2,15 Alpha on Horuz Alpha.