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Krath Leader, Frezt Raleigh, Steps Down For Retirement (Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 13 Day 96)

Sentients across Krath territory observed a holonet broadcast earlier this week from the Kesh Palace on Shesharile 5 as the Krath Lords affirmed their support for Lord Tapar Craken, who replaced Grand Seneschal Frezt Raleigh as leader several days ago. Lord Raleigh cited personal reasons for stepping back from his position, but affirmed he would stay politically active. After which he announced Krath Lord Tapar Craken as new leader, "It should not come as a surprise that the Ruling Council has selected Lord Craken as my replacement." Raleigh, who served as Grand Seneschal for The Krath Dynasty's first five years, was president of the Kathol Republic and leader of the Order of Krath before the formation of The Krath Dynasty. In his tenure as Grand Seneschal, Raleigh turned The Krath Dynasty into one of the strongest powers in the Southern Rim through his years of tireless devotion to the continued growth and development. It was during his tenure that the Krath sought and gained acceptance in the Galactic Alliance, becoming one of the Alliance's most steadfast members.


Grandmaster Craken has been a constant presence in the Krath ranks, particularly amongst the Krath Military, and is one of the most experienced Krath Statesmen serving the Dynasty today. When asked his thoughts on the succession, and his selection as leader of the Krath, Craken remarked "It has been a deep honor to have worked with Lord Raleigh for as long as I have, and though he is retiring from his position as leader of the Krath, I expect I will continue to enjoy both his advice as a leader and his presence as a friend for some time to come. It has been a great honor to be elected as his successor and I shall do my utmost to build upon what he has accomplished during his reign."

Plans are afoot to keep momentum going through this change of leadership, with new diplomatic ties being formed around the galaxy, as well as internal restructuring and other activities.


Onboard the MC-80b KMS Thraken Solo in system Shesharile (70, -450).
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