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A Call to Arms: Save the New Order (Posted by Garen Karrade on Year 6 Day 303)
Your normal programming is abruptly interrupted and replaced with a feed of the Imperial media briefing room. Communications Liaison Garen Karrade is standing at the podium, as usual. However, instead of the business attire he usually wears, he is clad in this Imperial dress uniform. Karrade clears his throat, and solemnly looks at the camera as he begins speaking.

Fellow citizens of the galaxy, I stand before you today to speak of the decay occurring at the highest level of Imperial High Command. Whether because of commitment to Imperial traditions or fear of reprisal, I, like so many other Imperials, have remained silent about the grave threat to the future of the Empire. However, I can no longer abide by the Empire 
Onboard the YV-666 Lights Dust in system Coruscant (-6, 50) on Year 6 Day 302 12:39.
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