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Where possible we try and contact the artist or author for permission to use their work but this is not always possible due to the artist or author not being listed at the source we find, out of date links or incorrect contact details. If we are using some of your work please email art@swcombine.com and we will happily provide credit.
  Name Reason
Sources SWTC/Curtis Saxon - www.theforce.net/swtc/
  CUSWE - www.cuswe.org/
  SW.com Databank - www.starwars.com/databank
  INSD - www.insd.swcombine.com/
  Galactic Empire Databank - www.galacticempiredatabank.com/
  RPG Gamer - www.rpggamer.org/main.php?page=starwars.html
  Star Wars Ships & Vehicles - swsv.swcombne.com
  TIE Fighter Hangar Bay - www.hangarbay.tripod.com/td-ag.html
  The "Complete Guides"
  Turboloser Commentaries - www.stardestroyer.net/tlc/index.html
  The Science Office
  SW Random Name Generator - www.dimfuture.net/starwars/random/index.php
  Polish Ship Listing - http://sluisvan.net/
  Illustrated Star Wars Encyclopedia
Artists Charles Hakes - Chuck on LinkedIn For making wonders as Art Director (2007-2009)
  Albert Wong (please contact us art@swcombine.com if you read this) For use of the Cloakshape & Cloakshape/H large pics
  Bob Shimer - www.drango.com For the Recycling 4 station image
  Bryan For use of room image(s)
  Galactic Conquest Battlefield Mod For use of the YT-1300 interior room image
  Jim Bassett - www.jrbassett.com For use of the VSD Hangar Bay picture
  Joe Corroney - www.joecorroney.com For use of Zeltron and Noghri pictures
  Joel A. Hoekstra - home.earthlink.net/~mrhook/ For use of room images(s)
  Kadann - www.vastempire.com For use of Stormtrooper picture
  Reinhard Epp For use of room image(s)
  Roy Kanyama For use of room image(s)
  Sakari Laaksonen For use of room image(s)
  Stefano Basso For use of room image(s)
  Victor Navone - www.navone.org For use of room image(s)
  SciFi3d - www.scifi3d.com For use of various large ship, vehicle and station images
  SWMA Emperor's Hammer Archives For use of various large ship and vehicle images
  Thomas Banner - thomasbanner.dk For use of the large Pulsar & Blade 30 images
  XWA Upgrade Team - www.xwaupgrade.com For use of the large Mobquet Medium Transport and CR-110a images
  - www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~john22/ For use of the Teta image
  'Warlords' Home World 2 Mod - warlords.swrebellion.com For use of various models
Special Thanks (circa 2002 and earlier)
  Kathleen "Gabriella Storm" Chollman Mainly responsible for webspace and web domain support
  Annette "Jennifer Dreighton" Pohlke For her great work in the implementation of the faction features and Darkness in general
  Philip "Jesse James" Hawkins For his great work on the casino and on Darkness in general
  Luke "Rostar" Robson For his great job as assistant
  Curtis Saxton For the precious help given with his outstanding physical and Technical Commentaries, especially about TIEs weights.
  Marco Spitoni For letting us use pictures of several of his excellent models, such as the Imperial Attack Sub
  Bob Vitas For letting us use information from his Unofficial Encyclopedia
  Ron "Piett" Weinland For his helpful feedback, for his help with the general management and many other things.
  Mario "Ptjedi" Dominguez For his excellent work on the first design of the website (blue scheme)
  Alexander "Alex Tygler" Glas´┐Ż For freely hosting many NFG websites at swcom-nfg.com.
  Robert "Christian Voor" Van Voorhees For his tremendous work on 3D pictures and for providing numerous original pictures.
  Sean "Edward Dalen" Riney For his excellent work developing several facility images.
  Louis "Rahvin" Jacomet For his help with the character generation.
  Marting "GEsling" Haubrich For the writing of the Character Creation Guide
  Jean-Louis "corman" Vandewalle For his efficient help during the ships modules creation, the weapons stats generation and many other things.
  Anton "Biggs" Vitte For his precious help with the original droid rules
  Mikael "Redbat" Nilsson For his colossal work on the galaxy
  Kathering "Yllas" Aslin For her work on the animals
  Khan For his appreciated work on the weapons characteristics.
  John "Vang Tyrridon" Thompson For his help as Sim Master Assistant
  "Doc Kev McTor" For his help as Sim Master Assistant
  Hugn Mann For his help in the creation of an ICIS banner
  Mark "Genma Digma" Geneste For kindly offering a mirror from where to download ICIS
  Nick "Niko" Moylan For his marvelous ICIS
  Mike Hobson For permitting us to use a very nice picture of a Sith Holocron
  Ash "DQ" Weaver For creating the Random Name Generator
Special Thanks to our recent donators for their financial support (last 3 weeks)
  Aurren Takla, Vlalek`el Swank, Arkus fi Winter, Rexcor Crah, Kael Ta`em, Jacen Varos, Peter Kurten, Aeiom Roch, Caligo Navis, Cloak Lightrunner, Yukimura Sentoki, Merx Mercari, Andrew Harris, A`Zol Surek, Gath Perrin, Virak Kira, Shiina Tiel, Kela Moraven, Bithan Reist, Alan Katanna, Vindicem Angelheart, Tobz Jac, Calab Carak, Donna Duker, Anilys Krassus, Ses`Ssro Draess, Jasper Merlyn, Kai Niloc, Jaxen Covdien, Dimitri Halden, Dratt Darkstar, Adec Boda, Maulik Hexo Uutraa, Kaiden Apogee, Exanthium Kerensky, Xyn Kavil, Trex Varax, Horley Cyan, Tristan Zeltor, Josh Popbi, Max Ameeno Baca, Womgi Fidelis, Renis Blanck, Skip Sporto, Logan Shivers, Deedo Baba, Xesh Randell, Adam Hughes, Hrchacca Tcuk, Jarneskeg Yrfeloran, Vod Valkfire, Kentaro Roma, Chokk Ovin Jix, Kai Oryk, Cameliar Mordent, Jake Smith, Appan Parsu, Jad Hep Viridux, Grisu Moratom, Solon Jhee, Jacen Smith, Vonar Solon, Aylee Stewart, Naomi Felian, Kalevra Fallstar, Gerald Greywolf, Skiz`zik von Ismay, Nathaniel Durane, Fukara Mist, Draelor Nah`utal, Tess Santori, Mateo Umia, Belloq Tull, Simkin Dragoneel, Spree Razzix, Kan Naminaus, Denton Dabbs, Dian Mosh, Ragdu Melank, Heimdell Odinson, Jayhova Galexia, Osiris Gray, Spiri Solon, Azuriel Valkyr, Joe Raptor, Tajis Jitarii, Pepi Deto, Mardigal Radrack, Heter Suren, Rennek Cor, Thresh Elykson, Dane Star, Natascha Aranyos, Castiel Yazov, Kiith Nabaal