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Year 9 Day 214 3:15
Ra-Cor Jorij

I have some questions regarding Facility Income Modifier (FIM). Though I can understand that this information is not to be made public, I would appreciate it if you could answer them for me.

- Is FIM a stable number or does it change depending on changes in PIM for example?

- How many digits does FIM has?

Also, in relation to PIM...

- How many digits does it has?

Thanks in advance,

Ra-Cor Jorij

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“The Company For a Changing Galaxy”
Year 9 Day 214 11:33
Xim Reyes

I may be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that FIM is a secret, set number.

I'm not sure about the rest.

Year 9 Day 214 18:46
I would also hazard a guess that its 4 decimal places, like other values uch as morale and crime.


Year 9 Day 215 0:44
Ra-Cor Jorij

Yes, Xim, I know it's a secret value. That's why I'm not asking for the exact FIM of facilities but just for some hints.

There is a big chance that it has 4 decimals indeed, like you said Ellias. But to be 100% sure I need admin support.


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“The Company For a Changing Galaxy”
Year 9 Day 215 10:13
Xim Reyes

It is a set number.

And I think that some people have experimented around with it and found some of the values.