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Corporate Alliance

Type: Mining
Founded On: Year 15 Day 283
Leader: Remington Steele
Second In Command: Osman Leon
Recruitment Liaisons: Remington Steele, Osman Leon
IRC Chatroom: #cis

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The Corporate Alliance is one of the older companies in the Galaxy. At one time, the reputation of the Corporate Alliance was one of ruthless beings ironically only looking out for their own profit margins. The type of company that would constantly twist and bend that fine line between what is legal and what isn't. They did everything they could to continue to pad their credit accounts. A major player in the Clone War, the Alliance bet heavily on the Separatists, whose loss crippled the company. After the end of the War, the Corporate Alliance reformed much of its business practices, chiefly due to Chief Magistrate Horley Cyan. Magistrate Cyan made a pledge that the Alliance would from now on be a company that is in charge of making sure that no one company can hold a monopoly or price gouge the galaxy's beings of all their hard earned credits.

In Year 18, after a ruthless betrayal of Chief Magistrate Elm Aran, the Alliance merged with one of its subsidies Lethe Merchandising and shifting its focus on resource acquisition and management. In the past, the Lethe Merchandising had been known for making a hefty profit for the Alliance, using less than moral business practices and paybacks from the criminal underworld of the Galaxy. The Chief Magistrates of old allowed the black market to thrive on Alliance worlds, so long as they paid their "taxes" to the Corporate Alliance.

When the Alliance was reorganized in early Year 6, these practices were frowned upon, and Lethe Merchandising was absorbed into the Alliance body. 5 years later, after the Alliance Directorate approved the proposition from the exiled Lethe leadership, Lethe Merchandising was allowed to reform. With promises of a legal profit and morally just business practices, the faction looks to help serve a galactic public in need. Rebranded as the Mining Guild, the faction quickly became one of the more successful factions in the CIS.

After the merger, the Corporate Alliance is now chiefly responsible for raw material requisition and transport for the Confederacy and her Allies.  Currently based out of the Ciutric Sector, Corporate Alliance's services include Mineral Extraction Services, hauling, and construction ofcities and stations.   Through its affiliates, the faction also can provide access to security and production management, blueprints and datacard rentals.  These services are provided for a nominal fee, contact the current leader for information. The Corporate Alliance strives to uphold the ideals of fair trade, and sentients of all affiliations are welcome to avail themselves of our services.

The Mining Guild is one of the few publicly traded Mining factions in the Galaxy that sells materials and products to the public. Currently, sales are listed on the Centrepoint marketplace or the CIS holosite.

The Confederacy is always looking for new members, especially those who enjoy playing in the dirt. They offer competitive salaries, lucrative bonuses and an inter-active community. If you are intersected joining the Mining Guild, please contact the Chairman or the Head of State of the CIS with all queries. If you have any questions, or wish to contact the Alliance for an Order, check out #cmg-ca or DM the current Chief Magistrate.

Datacards Owned:
Vehicles Droids Weapons Facilities Stations
SX-65 Groundhog
FK-7 Airspeeder
LIN-series Miner
Alpha Plus Charge
Trading I
Merchant Space Dock