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Year 10 Day 80 15:46
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Just wanted to know if its possible to ask questions on the coming R&D yet or if its going to remain restricted(I think it was?)...



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Year 10 Day 80 15:54
Still is, sorry.



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Year 10 Day 80 15:57
You can ask questions about it in this forum, but the only answers you will get at this time are:

-We have no idea when R&D will come out
-It will be out before combat
-No, it will be out aftercombat
-Nu-uh, I know that it is coming out before combat

...and so on.

The topic of R&D is currently restricted in the suggestions forum, so don't go asking about it there.


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Year 10 Day 80 20:01
Xanyarr Chyakk
Xanyarr Chyakk
You could probably submit a question about it for the Dev Q&A session. R&D is on their agenda after all. But whether they will be able or will want to answer that question is up to them, plus it still might be too early a stage in the development to say anything definitive about it...


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