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Year 10 Day 324 19:06
If combat isn't implemented yet is it possible to kill someone?

Year 10 Day 324 19:09
Yes, read up in the rules on Arrest and Execute:


Year 10 Day 324 20:35
The only other way to die is by flying into a star. Perhaps that's a way to kill someone too?
If you and someone else are both in the cockpit of a ship, and you as pilot/commander set course for the sun, then you set pilotship to the other guy, hop in an escape pod and leave him on course to fry.

Perhaps it might work except I forget if you can leave a ship in motion in sublight.
But the big question I don't know is if the ship automatically stops when you switch pilotship to the other guy.

Year 10 Day 325 9:34
I dont think you can leave it in motion, But you could do the SWC equivalent of a suicide bomb attack :)

Someone very persuasive could try to get all of the SWC on an SSD and sun it, Maybe the hyper inflation would die down and 1 credit would have some worth.

Year 10 Day 325 16:19
The only way to keep a ship in motion while you leave the cockpit is to have a pilot droid, but once you undock from the ship the droid ceases and the ship stops moving. So there's no way to actually accomplish your act of sunning someone unless you take the trip with them.

Year 10 Day 325 16:39
But what if you have the pilot droid in the cockpit AND the other player, and you don't leave until you switch pilotship to the other player in the cockpit. Technically then you wouldn't be the pilot and you'd be free to undock as you please. ... so long as you can undock in sublight and putting another player as pilot doesn't automatically stop the ship.
So anyone know for sure if you can do it that way?

Year 10 Day 325 16:40
If you assign someone else as pilot then the pilot droid still ceases to function and you can freely undock and watch the prior ship sit there. Immobile.

Year 10 Day 325 23:19
Actually Drexel, you can leave the cockpit without a droid and the ship will continue to move - its only if you enter a docked ship/vehicle that it would stop moving.

And if you assigned the droid to the other pilot there, it would still work. Thats if you can undock in such a manner - apparently someone has managed to do that, set a slow capital moving, then undock in a smaller ship and fly to it later.

Year 10 Day 326 1:40
If you set a capital ship into sublight travel with a droid (with piloting capital ships skills), and undock in a other ship and fly off, the capital ship will continue it's course.

Not worth it to kill somebody, if you ask me.

Year 10 Day 326 6:13
SO it IS possible! Or at least the using a droid to keep moving and undock part, but still unknown about the assigning to another person in the cockpit part. Which is irrelevant if the ship can be exited and still move anyway.

So okay assuming that's true there you go Guest/Visitor.
It IS possible to kill someone else by sending them unwillingly into the sun too.

Year 10 Day 326 20:02
Rayos Saree

Waste a expensive capital ship to kill one person.....not that great of a deal. But the suicide thing sounds kind of fun. The ultimate execution of criminals. Slowly send them to death in sublight on a SSD.

Year 10 Day 326 20:08
According to my experimentation, you can NOT exit the ship (even with the droid pilot in place) and have it continue on it's way.

Year 10 Day 326 20:31
Yeah thought it would be like that. Could always enter a docked ship/vehicle since from my reading of the rules, NPCs and PCs in docked entites are protected from the effects of entering a sun (so long as the host ship is a cpaital of course, so it survives), and only those PCs and NPCs in the host ship are dmage/killed.