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Archives » Question about XP allotment in the new production system
How is the XP allotted in the new production system? Before the update, the individual who ordered the production received the XP for the production of the ship. However, a few ships that I ordered and started the production for have finished (these were ordered before the update), but I did not receive the XP from producing them; it went to another faction member who is currently the operator of the station (but he wasn't the operator at the time). Is this a bug, or is XP now distributed to the operator of the station (as opposed to the individual who ordered production)?

Or, more clearly in case if my wording excessive use of parentheses is confusing/unclear:
Back before the new production system, I ordered and started the production on some ships. A fellow faction member is assigned operator of the station after I start the ships to load materials into the shipyard for the next production cycle. Production is updated. The ships finished, and the faction member, who is still operator of the station, receives the XP for the ships. Is the person who ordered the production, in this case me, supposed to get the XP, or is the current operator of the station, in this case my fellow faction member, supposed to receive it?

We were both rather confused by this, considering that it used to be the individual who ordered production received the XP.


Is it at all possible that the project had been paused and restarted at any point? Because then the person to restart the project gets the XP, in the old system at least! I hope the person starting the job gets the XP in the new system, otherwise that'd be really annoying!


Agreed, just had a finished ship and looks like the station operator gets the XP, not the person starting production. Will this be corrected soon? Is this even considered a bug?