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Year 13 Day 330 20:35
Rho Karn
Rho Karn
I have a few questions about stocks.

1 how does a company base it's stocks worth?
2 when I purchase stocks, what features am I able to access?
3 Is there a site with more info. on stocks?
4 what happens to the stocks when a company is disolved?
5 Besides just buying and selling the actual stock, does it generate a profit?

I would welcome any Info. Thanks.


Year 13 Day 330 22:01
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Rules, almost always your friend ...

Year 13 Day 330 22:09
1. RUles value of the assets it has in its inventory.
2. You get an overview of the faction, such as worth, whether it is likely to dissolve, other owners, etc.
3. RUles page.
4. Each owner of the stock gets paid in credits an amount based on the worth of the faction at the time - since people tend to empty factions before then, usually this is less than 1000 credits per stock.
5. Nope. Unless the faction in question supplies anything else.


Year 13 Day 330 23:52
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
"5 Besides just buying and selling the actual stock, does it generate a profit?"

When you are buying and selling them on CPM, it is like any other asset. You buy a stock at one price and sell at another. The difference is your profit.

Also, like Ellias pointed out, some factions offer benefits.


Year 13 Day 331 0:03
I think stock are quite useless when it comes to trading them. There is very little benefit to own more than 1 of them and if the faction decides to dissolve or move to a new shell, the stock you might have bought for millions a piece are now useless. Not to mention there is nothing that sets the stock price besides the seller. Faction's capital value has little to do with.

Only time stock is actually good for something is when you need/want to have owner of a faction. Since the person with at least 51% can protect/unprotect assess and change leader, not sure if anything else.


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Year 13 Day 331 6:46
Rho Karn
Rho Karn
Thanks you all have been most helpful.