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Year 16 Day 209 9:56
OK, so for Custom NPCs I'm aware that once submitted, and accepted, the NPCs will spawn on Sundays. Is it like Custom Items, where they spawn at your current location when accepted? Thanks for any assistance with this issue. Cheers!


Year 16 Day 209 10:10
Kendall Holm



Year 16 Day 209 11:41
Victor O`Cuinn

It used to be in the cockpit of the ship or building you are in. If you was on a terrain I thought they couldn't be spawned. (I might be wrong, it has been a while).



Year 16 Day 209 16:41
It'll also ignore vessel capacity, you can fit a dozen custom NPCs in an A-Wing cockpit, if that happens to be where you are when they form out of the aether


Year 16 Day 210 21:55
Thanks all!


Year 16 Day 211 6:14
From CP page

You are allowed three a week and will be accepted every Sunday. Must be bought in a Workers Compound

Last time i did it they spawned in the workers compound I had to go back and get them.



Year 16 Day 211 7:59
*sighs* I was hoping it wasn't something goofy like that. We'll see what happens come Sunday. It's a good thing it's being spawned in my own city, and I have to go back anyway. Thanks Hondo!

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Year 16 Day 211 8:01
Last NPC I did spawned on my location after I did in the Compound. Also might be worth poking Ellias to get it approved.


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Year 16 Day 211 8:04
Aye! Thanks Lilith.


Year 16 Day 211 10:50

It used to spawn them in the workers compound, but then it was changed to spawn in your location because it became too much of a delay to wait in one location for them to be approved, which is more or less an OOC activity.


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Year 16 Day 211 12:01
Kendall Holm

I swore Ellias intentionally waits till Sunday to approve them


Year 16 Day 212 7:46
Spoke to Ellias, and the NPCs will spawn at PCs location. Thanks everyone!


Year 16 Day 212 8:45
Deleted Post
Venari Haliat
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Year 16 Day 214 1:42
I don't do it at any specific time. I look at them occasionally as there aren't a huge quantity being requested that needs a more routine/regular check on it.

But yeah, if you feel you have been waiting a little too long or just want them now, DMing me is a surefire way to get me to look at them immediately.