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Year 7 Day 271 20:25
I made an account on Avalon1282 and forgot my pass :P So i tride to make one on my my other account but didnt relize that it was the wrong aol account and that i didnt have email so we have quite a perdiciment here dont we. Is there any way you can help we ? I'd like that Thank you :) :D :P

Year 7 Day 271 21:05
Is there a reason you can't use the "Lost Password" feature to retrieve your password?



Year 7 Day 272 6:38
the emails dont work. dont work and the other is my bros and he says it deleated and wouldnt give it to me any waqys.

Year 7 Day 272 7:00
Try Sending the Dosu Kinuta stuff to that should work.

Year 7 Day 272 15:43
Email changed for that account, please use the lost password feature to retrieve password.



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Year 7 Day 272 18:03
I looked it wasnt sent. opps agien its

Year 7 Day 272 18:14
You, not us, need to goto the main front page of the combine and click on lost password, fill in the email address and click enter. Then the server will send you an email with the password, very easy, really.



SWC Fanpage --\\\\-- SWC Twitter
Year 7 Day 272 18:37
I did that twice so far and it say

You can only change your password once every 24h. Please contact the SWC Administration if you have any problem.

Year 7 Day 273 7:19
NVM as you can see im here thanks for the help ranma it is greatly appricated :)


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