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Episode 1 - Enter the Sim Master

Posted on Year 8 Day 90
Hi, Im here to tell you all about the technical inaccuracies of the movie "The Core" Firstly you cant travel to the center of the Earth because...
-[Edit] Vey: Get on with it Choib!-

Oh Sorry. This is the first of many SWC Comics to be produced - the first editions were just for fun to entertain the gods behind the curtain, a thank you for almost a decade of work and support. Its a tough life with a great deal of technical work- financial support - RL time as well as making a living and supporting families - you know - that stuff. And of course dodging the flamers and negative nellies determined to undermine SWC using the animosity of the internet (booo). But over time they seemed to take on a life of their own and now has gone public! *uh oh*.

Q: What is Swcomics? I dont get it!

A: Its not an IC SWC comic - its based around the characters in SWC development as a joint IC/OOC setting. Confused? so I am most of the time, you will get over it. Anyway based on the IC avatars for character design (too personal to draw RL versions! :P) and a pseudo universe outside the swc barriers in -Admina- or known as that mystical land outside of space and time past the edges of the galactic rim where all the goodies get tested.

Those working hard behind the curtain may indeed find themselves within the satire of SWComics as a toast-n-roast in good cheer in typical cheeky monkey humor. So enjoy what I hope to be a weekly publication of light hearted humor with these bigger than life people we know - stay tuned for some guest comics (I hope others will be inspired and add to the SWComics line) we hope you all get a few laughs! Id like to thank Veynom for showing he has a great sense of humor about himself (as well as others) and just about all the Dev team for having a good spirit and not being too offended with these silly sketches. Good on you Ladies and gents!

Note: If you want an IC comic - read GNS! now there is some funny fiction!. :D

Todays Episode 1 - Enter the Sim Master