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Year 6 Day 141 16:27
Do middlemen make money off of the jobs that they do? If so, what is a reasonable price to pay for one?

Year 6 Day 141 17:26
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
such questions should be posted here:



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Year 6 Day 142 1:21
We answer all sorts of questions here.

Some middlemen request or prefer tips, but middlemen who insist on money tend to find themselves rapidly out of work due to the number of trustworthy middles who offer their services for free. (: It's a matter of personal preference, really, but you probably won't run into anyone requiring a fee, and if you do, you should find someone else. (:

As for tips, generally whatever you can afford is fine. Since so few people do it, receiving a tip at all is nice in itself. I myself have received tips as low as 100 credits, and as high as about half a million.

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