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One Nation Under Jou

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 16 Day 43
Leader: Lilith Delcroix
Second In Command: Ninian DeLayn
Recruitment Liaisons: Lilith Delcroix, Ninian DeLayn
Chat: Discord Invite

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One Nation Under Jou, also known as Kingdom of Morobe and Vorsia Companion, is a sovereign territory encompassing the Morobe system and a part of the Vorsia system, unified by a federal government under the Vorsian Crown. It is a socio-political union which shares and celebrates the values of one ruler, citizen rights, rule of law, common language, and education in social progress. All planets across the nation work together to provide education, healthcare, quality of life, personal safety and housing to all its citizens to promote prosperity and unity. 

The reigning monarch is Lilith of Vorsia.

[One Nation Chronicle]

Contemporary History: 

The first two years of One Nation were marked by industrial and economic growth. The nation pursued mutually beneficial foreign policies, which brought more business into the Morobe system and built forged alliances within the neutral political sphere. The first company that became affiliated with One Nation was the Celestial Tech group, which set up their mining HQ on planet Morta In Year 22. Later in the same year, Scrapper Guild also received support from One Nation to help further the Guild’s development as the company established itself in the northern territories of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. 

In Year 23, One Nation expanded its support network by establishing Royal Vorsian Healthcare, a joint operation with the Scrappers Guild. By the end of the year, One Nation became a partner of the Confederacy, helping to bridge the gap between northern and southern regions of the government. In Year 24, the healthcare company was merged with other pharmaceutical companies within the Confederacy, creating Troika Medical Distribution. To this day, One Nation continues to expand its foreign relations to build lasting partnerships, and spread the good word of Jou.

Founding History:

The Morobe system was colonised in mid-Year 14 by an independent group of military professionals in a coalition with Damorian Manufacturing Corporation. The group that discovered the system created Sienar Fleet Systems a few weeks later to secure their claim over the planets, and developed a ship manufacturing business to operate from Morobe. This cemented the colonisation of Morobe a success and allowed the owners to not only increase their profit margins, but to raise the standard of living for the colonists.

In early Year 16 the security of the system was consolidated under Permanent Solutions, a mercenary corporation created to oversee Morobe’s defences and to provide protection services to the galaxy. In the following year, Sienar Fleet Systems was rebranded to S.W.A.T. Industries, shifting focus from ship production to equipment and weapon manufacture. After over four years of successful independent operations the need to grow the system on a larger scale became clear and in late-Year 18 Permanent Solutions negotiated a mutually beneficial merger with the Tion Hegemony.

The corporation was assimilated into Tion’s military and became the 3rd Fleet, or better known as Tion Defence Division to the wider galaxy. The vast resources and expertise of Tion’s government under leadership of Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot enabled the system’s population to grow from millions into billions, and prosper. During this period the Morobe system retained its relative independence by terms of the original negotiations. This partnership lasted for several years.

The inception of the One Nation began during Year 21 after Lady Hegemon announced to Tion’s High Council her intention to step down from her role as the Head of State. Many of the original leaders of the late Permanent Solutions were also aiming to retire from their roles in Tion and questions arose about what shall become of the Morobe system, which was separated from the rest of Tion space by almost half the galaxy. Those responsible for the initial colonisation of the system felt that Morobe was ready to be its own sovereign territory. It was decided the burden of governmental leadership would fall to Countess Lilith Delcroix, the sovereign of an independent long-standing state of Vorsia Companion since Year 11.

One Nation Under Jou declared its sovereignty in Year 21 on Day 308. The nation's federal monarchy was created on the basis that the sovereign, acting according to the laws of the nation, is the highest power under Jou in the nation, and has supreme authority over all persons in all causes, as well ecclesiastical as civil. From the federal government to the smallest local authority, all work in the sovereign's name towards better worlds.

Church of Jou:

During Year 18, Vorsia Companion saw the rise of Vorsian Orthodoxy; also known as the Church of Jou, which became an integral part of society. The primary purpose of the Church is to offer support to the people of One Nation. The teachings are meant to inspire shared values, to provide guidance to those that need it, to inspire charity and to offer common ground. As such the Church has more cultural than spiritual influence on the populace. Vorsian Orthodoxy is a deistic religion founded on historic events and rational thought. Vigo Amaranalah Jou, the central figure of the faith, is revered as an extraordinary woman but is not attributed any divine powers to interfere in people's lives or perform miracles. Prayers to Vigo Jou are symbolic affirmation of faith and to seek comfort.

[One Nation Holocron]

Disclaimer: One Nation Under Jou is neither associated, supported nor endorsed by the Black Sun government, from where the title Vigo originates.


Faction Planetary Control Manufacturing Diplomacy

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