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Archives » getting Archived Transaction Sheets?
Jareel Skaj
Jareel Skaj
Is it possible for me to get Archived Transaction Sheets from last 3 months? I would be very, very, very pleased.

If you need something specific the admins should be able to dig it up for you. Might be a bit more tedious to acquire full records.. especially without being given a reason for it. :P



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Jareel Skaj
Jareel Skaj
I would like to check all my transactions recived from SoroSuub Munitions.
It should be 1 per month, so 3, but my CO says that there were more of them, so I need any proof that there wasn't such.
All I'm intrested in is cash amount from each transaction.
If admins will find logs then I'll be very happy - it will save me quite a lot of CR.

Edited By: Jareel Skaj on Year 8 Day 22 5:53
55,000 credits on Y7 D338 with the message 'salary'.
55,000 credits on Y7 D304 with the message 'salary'.
55,000 credits on Y7 D274 with the message 'salary'.
50,000 credits on Y7 D244 with the message 'salary'.


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