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Dorinian Military Corps

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 5 Day 206
Leader: Metyl Onyx
Second In Command: Merle Jeeters
Chat: Discord Invite

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Millennia past, Dorin was struck hard as an event known as the Great Conflict spread over the planet.

The Talmon family always expected their biological heir to be placed as monarch over Dorin when the time arose, as had been done 'traditionally and rightfully' through the former generations.
When the time came to pass his ruling powers to his biological heir, Barkos Talmon shocked elite circles by revealing he had bore an illigitemate son, and issued a decree that the throne be succeeded by him.
Jaala, protected from a strong military prescence and his father's decree, managed to retain the throne as intended with relatively little bloodshed.

The act was never forgotten, and the bitterness engrained in all those involved re-emerged centuries later as the aristocrats sought resolution to propel themselves to a higher standing within their stolen heirarchy.
With support from Trade Federation agendas, who saw the growing droid industry on Dorin as a future threat, a large group of loyalists stormed the royal palace to reclaim the throne.
With what was perceived as the correct resolution for most loyalists and, in fact, most Dorin inhabitants that had any recollection of former events, things had seemingly been set right.
Victory celebrations eventually turned sour, though.

Much to the despair of all former supporters, the Talmon's ruled with a harsh fist to retain what they had won - with a reign of terror that struck down anyone even remotely suspected of being in opposition to the reclaimed throne.
Paranoid and militiaristic, they posed a far greater threat to the Trade Federation than the droid issue itself had posed, with the chaos ensuring economic collapse.
Something that TF could not tolerate further.

An ex-Jedi Master eventually returned to Dorin with a group of  Kel Dor to rally resistance from within the population.
The Trade Federation, after being betrayed by the Talmon, sought to right the wrongs of their past and eventually recoup the economic losses suffered in Dorin trade arenas; by providing this resistance movement with financial aid, and ironically, an endless stream of Dorinian Military Corps produced battle droids, which was the turning point of the conflict.

Through a series of hit-and-fade battles and gained Kel Dor support, peace and order was on the path to being restored through this Royal Purge.
Trade Federation forces remained on the planet helping to rebuild what was lost, with restored infrastructure and renewed confidence being the catalyst for greater economic stability.

With Dorin manufactured goods and technology being highly sought out in the universe, Dorinian Military Corps was the first Dorin based company to be re-established.
It immediately began instituting security precautions to continue to protect both their own business interests but also the planet and population of Dorin as a whole.
The eventual outcome was the rebirth of culture with the re-establishment of the granting of Guardianship, after it was prohibited during the tyrannical reign.
With the Guardians of Dorin once again aiding with everything from minor disputes to planetary issues, Dorin has remained prosperous since and the Great Conflict resolved.

After serving the Trade Federation, ownership has been granted to Metyl Onyx, proud of the factions heritage with his home planet of Dorin.
Dorinian Military Corps supports the Kel Dor Society, and in doing so continues to best serve the interest of the Kel Dor.

You can purchase our publicly available products through the Trade Federation Market:

Pit Droid DC Rental: 40,000cr per (Batch 4)


Faction Datacards Manufacturing Diplomacy Planetary Control

Datacards Owned:
Droids Items Facilities Stations
Pit Droid
R1 Series Astromech
T-Series Tactical Droid
Droid Parts
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Research Centre
Trading I
X7 Factory Station
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I
Merchant Space Dock
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV