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Archives » would like to help-moderation
Allen Halon
Allen Halon
I don't have many technical skills but if you need an moderator or assistant moderator for any of the forums I can help. I am on almost everyday for several hours

example-Jack T Ladd Moderates 5 separate forums and Wilhelm Von Ismay Moderates 4 as far as I know. I'm NOT saying they aren't capable. I'm just saying I am offering assistance to any Moderator

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Year 8 Day 35 15:13
Not having heard of you before, I am inclined to assume that you haven't already built up a reputation as someone who can be trusted to enforce rules and moderate forums at this time.

In addition to the individual forum moderators, we also have a number of board administrators (which includes all of the Combine admins and ASims) capable of moderating all of the forums should it be needed, so I do not believe there is any shortage.



Year 8 Day 35 15:32
Allen Halon
Allen Halon
okay just offering assistance

Your best bet, if you are interested in helping out the Combine, is to take a look at the Contact Us page and see if any of those teams sound like something you could do, then contact the e-mail address listed on that page. Otherwise just stick around and contribute in the Suggestions forums.