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Year 8 Day 243 10:41
I want to be a jedi, my character is a Nautolian but how do i find out if he is a jedi?
I bought some stuff also and want to equip them, ive entered my inventory but doesnt mention anywhere how to equip them.
Does anyone know of any Factions i can join, ive applied to all the ones i like the look of and none have gotten back to me yet.
How do i get a gd weapon? Cos the ones at the merchants on the strarter place suck.
Plez help me.
Thnx in advance, Ollie

Year 8 Day 243 10:56
Lithio Iffelin
Lithio Iffelin
Please read the rules.


May the Grace of Ara go with you, and may His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies.
Year 8 Day 243 11:11
Thankyou very much for tryng to help, but i had already read the rules... it does not help my problem... here is what it says next to the item:
Commander: Olderado Paegis
Carrier: None

Stored In Facility: Shop Gough Shop (ID: 216330)
Room: Command Room (ID: 925101)
Position: Unknown

I understand that u have to place it in one of the slots but it gives me no option of things to do that.

Year 8 Day 243 11:14
No worries problem solved, i entered the place it said they were and they where on the floor. Thankyou

Year 8 Day 243 11:14
Almar Zamasee
Almar Zamasee
Position -> Items

You might want to check out the classifieds to find a faction that is suited for you, you can also browse around at the faction list here and you can take a look at the job offerings here



Year 8 Day 243 13:25
...ive applied to all the ones i like the look of and none have gotten back to me yet 

To my knowledge, if you apply to multiple factions, only your most recent application is valid.

For example, if you apply to faction A, then faction B, your application to faction A is then void, as if you never applied. So your best bet is to look for the faction you like the looks of the best, apply, and wait for them to get back to you.

Year 8 Day 243 21:16
If you want to talk to multiple factions at once, the best way is to send a Darkness message to their leader (or other contact designated on their website) and talk to them that way. Then you can pick the one you like best and send the join application.

Mikel's advice to just send an application to your top pick is also good, though.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 8 Day 244 12:47
And i wouldnt worry about getting a good weapon as of yet because

1) your new and would have no real need for it.

2) combat is not implemented..... yet