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Year 8 Day 262 9:22
Urias Vorn
Urias Vorn
I've been having probs with moving. It seems way too slow (1 space = 15 min). Is there a way to speed things up? Also how would I go about moving to a dif. city?

Year 8 Day 262 9:30
im new also so i dont know that much. but before you move around too much i recommend that you locate an npc vehicle rental. look by the name or icon. then travel there and rent a speeder. i had to walk around the whole city(nearly 12 hours) before i was informed to do this.


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Year 8 Day 262 12:17
Yes, walking is slow.

To move to another city, you need to move to the very edge of the city you are in, in the direction you wish to travel. Then you can select "cross-terrain" on the travel interface, and move to the next adjacent planetary square. Rinse and repeat until you are at your destination.


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Year 8 Day 263 1:30
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Not to mention that unlike with space ships or vehicles (where you have fixed values and have just minor speed differences because of different in piloting skills), your ground travel time depends greatly on your speed skill. The following is just a rough estimate, but travelling an empty city will take you from either 10 hours (skill level 0) down to 40 minutes (skill level 5).

The cross-terrain time is also influenced by this.


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