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Year 9 Day 35 14:12
I think this may be the place for this, if not my apologies.

As of right now my credits are showing 18,446,744,073,709,248,512. As much as I wish they were legally and rightfully mine, I can only guess that the Admin didn't see fit to send me such a generous gift.

I figured I'd bring it up on the off chance it hasn't been picked up on yet so you can demote me back to my status of pauper rather than go on a crazed spending spree for all them capitals I am forever drooling over.

With that in mind however, feel free to leave as much of it there as you see fit, I won't complain :D

Jojoban Mosque.

EDIT: Never mind, my credits are now reading 0 (a safety precaution to stop people spending them I'm guessing) so I assume someone already knows about this and is currently looking into it. Please feel free to close, delete, etc.

Edited By: Jojoban Mosque on Year 9 Day 35 14:25

Year 9 Day 35 17:29
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Kai Xaviar
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