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Year 9 Day 72 4:16
hi all firstable im new here so i have to learn a few things....

but yes now i have a problem...
i rented a vehicle called '' x-34 landspeeder''
So I entered and moving to a acedemy..
but now im with my vehicle in that acedemy and now I can't move and I can't drive anymore

please help

thanks Scyter Pryrior

Year 9 Day 72 4:50
Maybe it is a bug....
because my vehicle hasn't got a repulsor

Year 9 Day 72 8:37
Leon Shade
Leon Shade
Try undocking.

Year 9 Day 72 9:02
what do you mean with that...
(sorry my english is not so good )

Year 9 Day 72 10:32
On your cockpit view, click "Travel". There you should get a button to undock your vehicle from the facility.


Year 9 Day 74 8:45
okay guys .....

I know what it is...: it's a bug....

and because there's no option to stop and respawn again, I have to wait...

in my screen stands ''journey ending'' the whole time..
So i can't move......

I've got a screenshot .... so if someone of you guys are interested ..
i can send it..

Year 9 Day 74 10:07
If it's a bug, report it to the bugbase.