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Archives » IRC problem, anyone care to help?
Patrick Solberg
Patrick Solberg
University has a proxy firewall disabling my IRC, can anyone help me get through it?

Thanks alot

If you are particularly savvy, you can try doing research on tunneling protocols; but that's not something we can help with.


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Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
If you are lucky and they are only blocking the ports, we have the following enabled that you can try connecting through: 1080, 5000, 5555, 6660-6670, 8080

Otherwise, there are also a few java "IRC at work" programs floating around that you can try googling, that may work for you. With these, however, most are designed to display the same IP address for each of their users, and we have a connection cap per IP, so if you get one working you may want to ensure you have another for backup in case one of the IPs already has the max connections, because we will absolutely not raise that limit.



Can't see this sig or sometimes other images? Chrome now default blocks mixed content on secure sites like SWC.
Go to chrome://settings/content/insecureContent and add www.swcombine.com to the Allow list.
If you want. I'm not your dad or whatever.
Patrick, If you can't get it to work I could always try and bring up a proxy on my home pc for ya to use if you and other SWC members needed it.


I'd go for 8080, it's common proxy port and there's quite a chance your Uni does allow it :)


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Patrick Solberg
Patrick Solberg
Ill try the different ports first and if that doens't roll I may get in contact with you Rogmi
Thanks alot for the responses

Vacuus Eversor
Vacuus Eversor
My school does the same, so I have to use browser based client.

The one I use