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Cantrell Conglomerate

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 21 Day 9
Leader: Avelyn ca Vella
Second In Command: Angwyn Eyre
Chat: Discord Invite
Forum: Faction Forum

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The Cantrell Conglomerate formed early in year 20, the brainchild of Artemis de Chatillon and Avelyn ca Vella. A collective of groups gathered under a board of executives which operate out of the Fath sector. With a strong presence in the trading community, Cantrell offers a large variety of wares for purchase which allows them to be an ever-growing presence within the galactic economy. Seeing considerable growth and expansion since the group's conception, Cantrell also provides a wide range of services to the general public including:

  • Tavern Management
  • Facility Management (Trade, Religious, Medical Sectors)
  • Production
  • Surgeries
  • Transportation
  • Prospecting
  • Recycling
  • Middling
  • Brokering

The Cantrell Conglomerate also sponsors the popular auction company Fairwind Exotics Auctions, a department of the Gilded Rose Auction House, on the holonet (Discord) which hosts up to four to five auctions daily that run for over a day each. If you have any questions or comments, please send a message to Guildmistress Avelyn ca Vella.


Orbital Research and Design is the premier manufacturing company of the Fath Sector. As the main production arm of the Cantrell Conglomerate it was rumored to have been created by Artemis de Chatillon during a rather overzealous game of sabacc. Despite the dubious and unconfirmed background behind its establishment, ORD has gone from strength to strength growing from its humble beginnings as a shipwright into a diverse company providing ships, droids, items and weapons for public sale. All products made by ORD are based on generic designs widely available. However the service and opportunities in working with ORD makes it an unparalleled manufacturer in the galaxy today. ORD is currently overseen and managed by Angwyn Eyre who has expertly grown this company into what it is today: a true testament to Fath engineering. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in realizing your goals.


Cantrell Consulting is one of the premier bounty hunting networks in the galaxy. Many hunters swear by Cantrell's pucks and reputation and know they will receive the very best service. Our taverns are listed under the Cantrell Conglomerate name on the popular holonet site SWC-Forge. If you need assistance with the bounty hunting network, please contact Avelyn ca Vella.

We're also proud to offer trained mercenaries for sale, either direct or auction. These mercenaries, trained by our expert drill sergeants, and ready to serve your needs - be it hunting dangerous animals, fighting bandits, or bounty hunting. If you have any questions regarding mercenaries, please contact Harmonia de Chatillon.


Fairwind Exotics started as a simple salvage and resell operation ran by two Twi'lek brothers. They discovered that whenever the fabled Fairwind Gunship would land, its captain would dump loads of salvage and technology. The brothers made quick work of the refuse and in no time had a fairly decent gig. It wasn’t long before their operation got large enough to be noticed by certain Outer Rim personalities. The salvage operation was forcibly bought out and rebranded Fairwind Exotics and has since then been a leading trade venue for the strange and extravagant in the Outer Rim. Besides providing Market access at is various trade outlets, Fairwind Exotics also provides premiere soldiers and servants for any party interested along with rare creatures and exotic alcohols from all across the galaxy. We also provide a management service with only a slight fee. Please contact one of our representatives, typically found passed out drunk in your local cantina.


Red Lotus made its start in the underworld of Ord Cantrell, amongst a myriad of gangs vying for control over the lower echelons of the planetary society. With the influx of Kiffar refugees came the addition of Kiffar spiritualism and also various other imports from the Old Worlds. One of these imports was the red lotus flower, a native to the worlds of Kiffex and Kiffu. It traditionally was used in religious ceremonies for its mildly psychoactive features and regarded as a manifestation of perfection when one found balance within the flow of the universe. It would be brewed and consumed so one could commune with the Spirits, beings that were inherent in everything in the natural world. While the flower’s cultivation was protected at home, in the new Kiffar colonies on Ord Cantrell its use was quickly abused and used as a means of control. Various gangs tried to seize the market on the flower and its subsequent drug form called Red Spice. This concoction involved enhancing the natural plant’s properties with ryll and producing a compound that was more akin to a narcotic. The gangs that perfected this process eventually became one through a series of merges and hostile takeovers, ultimately resulting in the overarching moniker of Red Lotus. Eventually the organization grew large enough to gain the attention of certain affluent members of the planet’s elite. Through a series of purchases and tense negotiations the gang was seemingly bought out and their allegiance shifted from one of greed to that of Clan Chatillon. The various gangs that made up the cartel now swore allegiance to the Dominess and her Clan. Their heinous acts of violence seemed to diminish but the market on the lotus was sealed. Red Spice now began to appear in black markets across the Outer Rim as the gang's influence spread, not only to customers but also converts. Since the reformation of the gang, there has been a greater religious influence within many elements of the group. Rumors suggest this is to do with the new leadership and the boons provided to her by the Spirits.


Starting life as the primary security force of Ord Cantrell and the Cantrell Conglomerate, the Cantrell Defense Forces now takes their first step onto the wider galactic stage, by providing their services to organizations outside of the Fath Sector. Recognizing that security services alone wouldn't be required, the Conglomerate leadership saw an opportunity to expand into a more lucrative area of need, offering specialized MedEvac Operations, both in low risk and high risk areas, as well as the production and sales of medical supplies to organizations that needed them. Based within a revitalised city that had been left in disrepair due to former gang and anti Conglomerate cells on Ord Cantrell, a redevelopment process was able to be initiated and completed thanks to the backing of the planets Governor, and batches of needed medical supplies were being distributed to planetary hospitals and medical facilities without delay, solidifying CDF's position as the premier medical company within Fath's borders.


Fath Industries is a mining company closely tied to the Cantrell Conglomerate. The company provides economical mining and recycling services to a variety of clients, with it's base of operations being located in the Fath Sector. After the unexpected disappearance of beloved owner Cleo Kolasha, then-leader Mercedes Morgan stepped in, with the full backing of the Cantrell Conglomerate, and convinced the shareholders to cede full power and responsibility over to her. Thus, Fath Industries was reborn. Always ready to meet the ever changing demands of her galaxy.


The Cantrell Institute of the Arts is an informational source with vast physical and digital archives dedicated to the enhancement of the people of Fath sector. Other services offered by the institute are cheaply available SySat Satellite datacards for system surveillance and communication operations, as well as providing access to proprietary plans and blueprints to allow the construction of facilities or space stations with only a modest daily management fee paid to the Cantrell Arts. As part of its future strategy, the institute plans to offer satellite grids in various systems of the galaxy, along with animal housing projects through the construction of numerous Zoo Stations and Wildlife preserves to enrich the fauna and culture of society.



Faction Manufacturing Datacards Paramilitary Mining Medical Trading Information Religion Diplomacy

Datacards Owned:
Ships Vehicles Droids Items Weapons Facilities Stations
Vulture-class Droid Starfighter
Hammerhead-class Cruiser
Y-TIE Ugly
X-ceptor Ugly
TIE-wing Ugly
GRZ-6B Wrecker
C-wing Ugly
Y-8 Mining Vessel
Sprint-class Rescue Craft
EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate
Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle
Class-J Cargo Container
Sysat T-24
Sysat T-20
Raider-class Missile Corvette
Bantha II Cargo Skiff
Kettrifee Air Mover
EVS Construction Droid
FK-7 Airspeeder
SX-65 Groundhog
LIN-series Miner
DD-13 Medical Assistant
MD Medical Specialist
BN-D0 Assassin Droid
Artificial Legs
Healing Stick
Laser Scalpel
Artificial Eyes
Artificial Arms
Cyborg Close Combat Unit
Cyborg Weapons Unit
Cyborg Ranged Combat Unit
Cyborg Metallurgy Unit
Ryll Patch
Death Stick
Bacta Ryfill
Cyborg Engines Unit
Cyborg Electronics Unit
Bacta Tank
Bacta Refill
Droid Parts
Ship Parts
Sub-Space Radio
Riot Shield
Restraining Bolt
Tactical Helmet
Bacta Patch
Amban Sniper Rifle
Alpha Plus Charge
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Research Centre
Training Academy
KDY v-150 Planet Defender
LNR I Series Turbo Laser Cannon
Shield Generator
Anti-Air Battery
Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower
Golan Laser Battery
Computer Control Centre
Crew Quarters
Slave Market
Labour Camp
Recycling Plant
Alazhi Farm
Bacta Refinement Facility
Civic Centre
Commerce Centre
Wildlife Preserve
Trading I
X7 Factory Station
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I
Merchant Space Dock
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV
Asteroid Hideout
Platform XQ1
Ataturk-class Station
Golan I
Recycling I
Recycling II
Recycling III
Recycling IV
Medical Factory Station
Hospital Platform XQ-2
Trading II
Relay Station
Zoo Station

Recent News:

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