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Archives » Is there a fee to play? any fee at all? I don't quite understand.

Can you help me? I don't understand if there is a fee.


Plz I need some help. I'm waiting for a reply. Is there a fee for anything I'll need to this website and be a member?

Rav Isaar
Rav Isaar
No, it is all free.

If you can not wait 5 minutes for a reply to a post on a message board, this game might not be for you.



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There will be a lot of times where you are waiting days and days for the next thing to do. Especially if you are a pilot, I've been at the controls of a Bayonet Cruiser for the last 6 weeks, and most of that has been in hyperspace.


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Hwa Yunhae
Hwa Yunhae
Also, if you do choose to join the game, it could be 12 to 24 hours before you get your password sent to you, and if you choose a handle that is too close to the real life name of a famous person, or the name of a character in a video game/story that the person reviewing your application recognizes, it will be denied, and you would have to apply for a different handle (and wait the 12 - 24 hours AGAIN to get your password). This game requires quite a bit of patience to play, but is rewarding if you have that patience.