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Year 9 Day 124 19:21
Forgive me if this is in the wrong place but I was curious as to base starting salaries and max salaries of different job classifications;

I could not fond a list of general ideas on low / high salaries per profession.

Is there a list somewhere? (Granted I am quite pleased with the salary my faction is providing)

Thank you,

Xanthar Bloodmoon

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Year 9 Day 124 23:24
That is entirely up to each faction, so you would have to find out through them. Many list it on their websites.


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Year 9 Day 127 3:35
Generally a starting salary is between 60000 and 80000. The higher end ones get up to 800000 and can be as high as 2500000.

Year 9 Day 127 9:31
Rohan, I was curious, do you have a listing of the salary ranges of the factions? Or what you base this on. I ask because that seems a little high for a starting salary, and a very narrow band as well.

Xanthar, Starting shouldn't really be a reason or even a strong consideration in choosing a faction. You should consider what type of job they will have you doing. And how much help you will have starting out. Money will come to you in time. I have read that there are some factions with very happy and active members that do not pay their members at all.

One thing to consider; no matter what else you do; you essentially can get 900 credits for every day of activity just by collecting your CPs and converting them to credits. Save them and buy a LP and get 4 times that amount (when you sell the ship), or a YT-1210 and get 25 times. So you can earn 27k, 106k, or even 150k a month for doing nothing but collecting CP's daily.

Yes this is OOC income that you are converting to IC income. However, the point is, when a faction gives me a ship to fly, options to purchase what they produce at a substantial discount and I have no expenses what so ever, I don't need a very large salary. Building a couple million in asset (all paid in full) in just a couple months on 50k a month is not doing to bad. Note that is below the range for starting pay Rohan quoted.


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Year 9 Day 127 9:36
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
This really isn't suited to this forum anymore, but starting salary ranges from zero to half a million. 50-150k seems to be the common range, though.