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Year 6 Day 230 12:57
Nimmy Pocachotart
Nimmy Pocachotart
How can a new player tell what factions are out there that may be good to join? I know where to find the list, and I've been to some websites, but for someone who is brand new there are several questions.

First, say I wanted to be a ship designer. Would I join a starship company, ie Seinar? Or can you really not actually do anything if you're a member of that faction because the function isn't rolled out in the game yet?

Second, how do we guage a faction's activity level? I would be more prone to join a faction if it had active members that actually did things even if it was a faction that I potentially wouldn't enjoy as much as another.

Any advice on joining factions?

Year 6 Day 230 13:01
The Answer to your first query is yes, although the function isnt out, it will be soon(TM) and then youl be able to design ships.

Secondly, all factions have to have a certain number of active members, or they will be dissolved into nothingness. Rtemember, that if you dont like your faction, the you can always change...



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Year 6 Day 230 14:17
Nimmy Pocachotart
Nimmy Pocachotart

Two more questions. First, is there anything that a new player can do to help this particular function become a reality?

Second, anyone want to hire a n00b ship designer that won't be able to do anything? lol

Year 6 Day 230 14:47
Miin Ikron
Miin Ikron
a) unless you know how to program probably not
b) i've sent you a message :D


Year 6 Day 230 23:14
a/ We use PHP/mySQL


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 232 8:56
Nimmy Pocachotart
Nimmy Pocachotart
Is there a way to see at what salaries factions are hiring new players?

Year 6 Day 232 10:47
Some factions advertise their salaries in the "Positions Vacant" forum in the RPG Centre.

Bear in mind, though, that faction salary is not always the best way to make money, nor are the factions paying the highest salaries always the best ones to be in.


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Year 6 Day 232 12:17
What Hal said. Alot of the higher paying groups are merely masses of people and little to no fun. Find a faction that suits you, don't mold yourself to a faction.


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Year 6 Day 233 7:59
It's usually safe to assume that all factions, or nearly all, are hiring at any given time. (: I would recommend finding a group which interests you and investigating on their site to find out more about them.

If you aren't happy with the first group you join, you always have the option of joining another.