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Archives » Starsign Shipyards HQ disappeared [ content moved, CLOSE please ]
I wanted to upgrade a few member privs when the interface told me there's no HQ.

It used to be in the empty place in city [ARA0706] Starsign Corporate Headquarters (ID# 17047).

Needless to say there's lots of trouble now. According to the rules, production has stopped. I hope this can be resolved quickly.

I DMed this to Khan as well.

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Additional information:

When we tried to build this Conference Center we hit a snag because we hadn't got the DC when we reached the 20 members threshold. This was bugbased and taken care of manually.

We successfully built this Conference Center then, a few months ago.

Last month we began getting rid of the old Conference Center, located in Sharingan City, Argolfin, Rachuk. When we wrecked it, we got a new Conference Center DC.

Yesterday, we sold off the old HQ city, including the Conference Center wreck.

Maybe This has triggered the events that resulted in the loss of our new HQ. I just realised that we have 2 (!) Conference Center DC's now.

It's getting crazier: Skimming through the faction inventory I noticed, that the raw mats that have been used to build the disappeared HQ (all tagged "HQ") are back aboard the

Gallofree Medium Transport Centrepoint (ID: 118496)

where they have been when we built the Conference Center.

A database transaction that has been reverted?

maybe relevant to this:


Possible, but we've built dozens of other facilities, none of them has been affected.

As far as I can see the only issues right now are that HQ building (and of course, the consequences of having none) and a shipyard that's currently retooling for YV-666's and producing one at the same time.

BTW: I remember starting to build said Conference Center myself somewhere between may 4th and may 8th.

I don't know if thanks to the crash or thanks to our now missing HQ, but timer stuff except travel is frozen for us: production, construction, prospecting, retooling. All stuck at 100%.

Another strange issue: One of our customers reported a YV-666 missing. Now I know where that batch of YV-666 raw materials in one of our shipyards came from...

Different faction, similar problem:
I received events that 3 of our mines have been aborted and at least 2 mines are currently stuck being finished to 100%.
RM pile #45137 has 0 units and should be deleted.

So your problem has probably nothing to do with the missing HQ.

I heard from IRC that several people experience the same issues.
Olwin, we can only wait :-)

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Production, construction, retooling and prospecting are back! Yay! :)

But a pile of 8138 LOM disappeared. Awesome.

Edited By: Olwin Froon on Year 9 Day 228 11:30
Are the raw mats for the HQ that dissapeared still aboard that gallo?


According to the inventory, yes.

ok im about to pick that ship up for my faction ill ask my faction what to do about them and see if we can get you your raw mats back

lets also move this to dms

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