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There are numerous ways for Combine members to work in support of the Combine. For those interested in finding some of this work, visit the Questions for Admin forum in the Message Center. In your post, list all of your available skills (graphics, types of programming, technical writing, etc.), your online availability, and multiple ways to get in contact with you (e-mail address and ICQ numbers are the most effective overall). One of the Admin or Assistant Admins will reply to your thead when a job that matches your skills is found. If you wish payment it will be in CPs. 

I would be happy to help with writing anything from ship, droid, equipment, NPC description, etc. I have wrote game content for Eve-Online and several stories for contest over the years. I am online Monday-Friday for about 3-5 hours and Saturday-Sunday 6-8 hours. You can contact me at,, windows messenger (, or just send me a private message.

Tyrie Da`jek

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Year 9 Day 243 10:45
You're welcome to submit descriptions for the game. Please check the 'Descriptions Suggestions' forum for more information about guidelines and to post your submissions. If they are accepted (usually after an editing process), you will receive CPs. The Descriptions Team is not actively recruiting at this time, however.


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Ah thank you for your help.