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Archives » Question about new player - same proxy server/internet source
Hello everyone,

Just had a quick question I wondered if someone could answer for me. I had a buddy who was wanting to join the combine, but he stopped because he saw that sharing the same internet connection is prohibited, and you have to get multi-account approval.

We don't share the same computer or the same IP address, but we both go to the same college who mandates that we all use the same LAN line and wireless connection (which uses a proxy server).

Can he join without kicking both of us off, or does he need to get permission for a multi-account? Again, we don't share the same computer or specific address, but we (and 4000 other people) all have to use the same network.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!


If you share an IP address (which you may or may not, depending on how your school network handles it, but you should be able to compare your IPs), then you need to register as multis. You don't need advance approval; the fastest way to do this is for one of you to register an account here first if you haven't already got one, and once that account exists, the second player should register normally and just enter the first player's handle in the Multi field on the join form. That way you will be registered as multis when the second account is approved.