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Year 6 Day 271 4:32
Or you could just post the handle you're trying to sign up with and the text of the email you get here ...


Year 6 Day 272 19:09

what is an ICQ number?

I can't join because when i leave it blank it says it has been used before and I must be making multiple accounts.

Year 6 Day 273 1:52
What is the exact message it gives you?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 276 12:21

ok here goes

Dear Mighty Ford,

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your joining application was rejected due to a number of factors making your application suspicious. Various elements pointed towards this account being wittingly or unwittingly used to violate our muti-account rules. It is possible that you share the IP address of an existing player, this is usually caused by already having an account or sharing a connection with an existing player, please contact multi-accounts@swcombine.com. Please contact us for further information regarding the rejection of your application or refer to the Character Creation rules page located at http://rules.swcombine.com/character/charactercreation/ for more information.

Please make the necessary changes and try again. If you have any questions or queries feel free to post on the post on the Problem Centre or visit the help room on IRC, #swc-help.
The SW Combine Administration
Star Wars Combine

Year 6 Day 276 23:39
oki, sign up again.


Kids these days!
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