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Year 10 Day 7 16:18

I have tried to create a new account and was told that I cannot because someone on my server has already made an account. My email is connected to a friends who also plays, and though he tried to log on from this computer, he was unsuccsesful. He forgot his password and had it sent to his email, but when he tried to use it, it wouldn't work. We've tried everything suggested in your forum, and nothing worked. Thus, when I decided to create my own account, I figured it was pointless to set up a multi account, as he never successfully logged in from my computer. He no longer has another computer to use, so he said that eventually if he creates a new account from mine, he would then inform you that it was a multi account. Please help me to figure this out so that he can either retrieve his old account or I can create a new one. Thank you for your time.

Year 10 Day 7 16:33
These seem to be two separate problems. If he is unable to log in, he needs to paste the error message he received so we can help him out.

If you are trying to create an account and are using an IP address that his account has used to register or log in on recently, you will need to list him as a registered multi.

He cannot create a new account at all if he already has an existing account.



Year 10 Day 7 16:40

so if I am trying to create an account on a server with which he has never SUCCESSFULLY logged in from, then why should I have to create a multi account?

I tried to create an account and they told me that someone else has used my server to log in or access their account, but I know it's not true cause I just got this computer less than a week ago, and he was unsuccsessful in logging in from here.

Year 10 Day 7 16:42
so if I am trying to create an account on a server with which he has never SUCCESSFULLY logged in from, then why should I have to create a multi account? 

If he registered from that IP address, then it will display as his registration IP, meaning that the assistants who approve join requests will see two accounts listed under the same IP and will assume the first person is trying to create a second account.



Year 10 Day 7 16:49

he didn't register from here. He lives about five city blocks away. He registered from a different computer. His internet connection wasn't even set up by the same company. He merely used my computer to try and retrieve his password and then log in, but was, as I already mentioned, unsuccessful. In other words he can't access his account from here, thus my creating an account would not be a multi account.

POINT OF NOTE: He has never registered nor accessed his SWC account from my computer.

If I ask for a multi account will it be granted if he can't even use the character he created?

Year 10 Day 7 16:55
If your IP is showing connected to your friend's Handle, then it means the server considers him to have successfully logged on to SWC from your connection. If that seems not to be the case, then he's probably suffering from the cookies issue that is typically solved by the steps in the sticky thread about not being able to log in to SWC.

If he had not been able to log in at all, then your IP would not be connected to his Handle, and you would not have received a declination based upon multi-accounts.

Submit your application with your friend's Handle in the multi field. If the two of you do not continue to share a connection, you can always unregister later. You will not be able to register as a non-multi as long as another account is showing on your IP.

Have your friend post a separate topic to address his login issues.


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