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Archives » Major Position Inconsistency
Year 6 Day 270 14:47
Hi, thanks in advance for any assistance. I'm having some bizarre position problems. I jumped to hyper a few days ago heading for Corellia. It was about the same time you were working on the ETA and Combine Date if that helps any. I reached the Corellian system apparently since it shows my position at (19,10) when I go to "sublight" in "travel." The strange thing is I still appear to be in hyperspace. My displayed ETA is constantly around 7 hours and 35 minutes, and the hyper animation also never goes away. In "sublight" in "travel," it says my actual position is (19,10) in the Corellian system. Maybe it would fix itself if you moved me. I don't know.

Edited By: Daja Dorraj on Year 6 Day 270 15:40

Year 6 Day 270 22:23
This is the text of the solution I posted on the news, some people can't see it because of the cache problem.

It appears it's in all browsers, not just Firefox. I've restored a backup of the header file from the 21st and added no-cache. Everything now works fine for me in Firefox 1.0.6, but not in IE 6. Others report everything working except updating the room map when moving. Expect an update within the next 24 hours.

If you've posted a bug on this matter please update it to reflect whether it is working properly now or not.

Important: Clear your cache before reporting or updating a bug.

Update: The refresh problem should be solved now. If you're still getting it make sure you clear your cache. I've closed all bugs related to it.

Cache Clearing Instructions:
In Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache > Clear

In IE: Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files > Check 'Delete all offline content'


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 271 10:06
Thanks. Sorry about that.