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Year 10 Day 153 4:39

after i recieved the confirmation e-mail i proceeded to the login page. but when i entered my handle and password.. it told me this "You have entered either the handle or password incorrectly. Please log in again"

and im pretty sure i got this correct because after a while i just copy pasted the handle and with the password i entered it letter for letter with caps on where needed.

and im using safari not internet explorer, if that info helps any.

Year 10 Day 153 7:26
Hey bud, tried looking at the Stickied topics up above?

GO Here
Try out some of the ideas in here. If nothing else works, please email the assistants@swcombine.com

Year 10 Day 153 10:59
Also when emailing the assistants, please include your character name and the email address you used to sign up with.



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Year 10 Day 154 1:25
Since you apparently tried typing and copy/pasting:

If you copy/paste, make sure you don't copy any additional whitespaces before or after the password (check by copying into notepad first, remove any spaces, then copy the password into the password field).
If you type it manually, make sure your CapsLock isn't on and that you type the characters correctly, some fonts display 1 (number one) and l (letter L) in a very similar way.

Also make sure you enter your handle correctly (including whitespace(s), - or ` characters).