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Year 10 Day 317 13:44
Rayos Saree
Rayos Saree
Everytime i try to change my handle pic it says the image is not JPG or PNG file format. Well i checked, changed the size to 100 by 100, had two other people check it and they said it was JPG. But the message still pops up. Is it due to the fact that i need the Combine border around it? Because i cant figue out how to do that in gimp.

Year 10 Day 317 15:16
boarders have no effect what so ever on a the uploading of an ava. make sure the hosting is making it a jpg. EDIT: you might want to make the pic smaller..say 100x100 or smaller 100x75

Edited By: Skeltsco Ofsseto on Year 10 Day 317 15:18
Year 10 Day 317 15:21
If changing hosts does not work perhaps try changing the format to PNG?

Year 10 Day 317 15:28
Rayos Saree
Rayos Saree
Tried PNG. That didnt work.

Year 10 Day 317 17:26
This happened to me once and it turned out there was some extra crap after the ".jpeg" bit so make sure that the file format ( jpeg etc.)is the very last thing on the url.

Year 10 Day 317 17:56
Looks like it worked.