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Year 10 Day 328 13:31
Any update since three years ago?

Year 10 Day 328 14:00
2009_Targets.pngClick for a larger image.

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 10 Day 336 23:14
Year 10 Day 328 14:10
Can I assume this time table is being held?

Year 10 Day 328 14:19
Unfortunately no.

It seems that with the upgrade to PHP 5.3 things have been delayed a little.

Don't worry, combat will be out SoonTM.

Year 10 Day 328 14:24
Ive heard "soon" for four years now lol.

Year 10 Day 328 15:09
And many have heard it for near 11 years now. Suck it up. =p

Year 10 Day 328 15:18
wow, ur just a bundle of sunchine huh?

Year 10 Day 328 15:25
First of all, it's your not ur, secondly it's spelled sunshine not sunchine.

Then I would have to say, the admins are all working free of charge, and at the cost of their own personal time. So I don't see why you are making jest of this issue.

Year 10 Day 328 16:11
nah, its not that bad, i just asked a question.

Year 10 Day 328 16:33
Actually thanks I was looking for that picture just yesterday.

Along the lines of plans, anyone know if there will be such a thing as Capture creatures being planned with "shoot creatures"?
I only ask because there are Zoos, and they don't make much sense unless you can get a creature in there
(...unless a Zoo facility isn't for spawned creatures, but just IC reasons of oh I just went and saw the animals at the zoo today)

Year 10 Day 328 16:44
Well, all I know is that you'll be able to capture, shoot, and kill creatures before player-versus-player combat is released.

Year 10 Day 328 16:48
you're the last person that should want combat.

Year 10 Day 328 17:48
lol PhillipBromleySmiley1-1.png

I'll see you with my sensors long before you can get into weapon range and flee into hyperspace.

Year 10 Day 328 19:33
Time for a BCL...? Flee while you have time everyone!

Year 10 Day 328 20:36
I sure hope Phillip realizes a hyperspace delay is very likely to happen come combat, so while he might be able to see them coming, he won't be able to jump out immediately. =)

Year 10 Day 328 21:06
Which is what makes sensors even more important! To be able to see the approaching threat in time to safely make a hyperspace jump.

And don't start the whole "An interdictor will keep you from fleeing" crap, since there will be a warm up time for those too. What in the world would I be in a GE system for anyways?

Plus, I'm currently constructing a personal hideout that will be undetectable by conventional means (even sensors!). So if I decide to go into hiding ("until the heat dies down"), I could remain undetectable for years.

Plus, I could still fly around at me leisure and still never get shot at. Because even if there's a hyperdrive warm up time, my PLY-3000, and especially my newly acquired YT-1210, will have fast enough sublight to keep 'em off my tail until I can get to hyperspace.

And even if I take a few hits, I'm still alive, and that's all the matters.

Year 10 Day 329 6:07
..who says Interdictors can't fly to someone else's system? Right now. And completely block anyone from leaving for 3 weeks and then everyone in the system might ask for their character to be dropped since they can't ever leave.

2nd, I don't think combat will be fun.
There should be a good chance of dying and I think to run a Capital ship you'll need a few ACTUAL PCs to run functions such as guns (1 PC can gun 11 NPC turbolasers, for example) and such.
Then sending people to combat sucks. And that's how it is supposed to be. Death and dying and no fun, or else you'll just ruin everything the combine stands for.
Sure the GE could send 10 SSDs out, but if you need a crew of 100 actual PCs to run all of the guns... is that a risk they REALLY want to take?
If they all die, how many are going to want to go back to the GE, and how many are going to pick something.... safer. Like mining.
The whole point should be that you can't have little loners going all trigger happy and singlehandedly destroying a faction.

Year 10 Day 329 7:22
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Sorry but a cap ship in combat is going to be far safer than mining as us prospectors are going to be easy targets being immobile and unarmed. That and materials to replace ammo will be very important so no commander is going to pass up an undefended infrastructure target.

Year 10 Day 329 11:57
You really think capital ships are going to be safer? During an epic space battle between two factions, anybody who sees a capital ship is going to be like "OMG! There's a capital ship! Deploy fighters! Take it down!". And if somebody sees those fighters, the capital ship crews will be like "Incoming fighters! Deploy more fighters!". It will mostly be fighters and capital ships dukeing it out, and nobody will care about freighters. Compared to capital ships, they're weak and can't deploy fighters, compared to fighters, they're very lightly armed and unmaneuverable. In a way, they're the "worst of both worlds", and most freighters only have civilian uses (hauling RMs or NPCs). But a select few freighters (those with speed and sensors) will prevail in combat.

This is because even though PLY-3000s, and YT-1210s are very useful, they aren't very much a combat threat, only having a single laser. If you're in a capital ship, and another capital ship, a squadron of fighters, and a PLY-3000 approach you, who are you going to take out first? I don't know, but I'm certain that it won't be the PLY-3000(assuming I'm not flying it lol). So if you want to stay out of combat, then a freighter is the thing for you. If you can afford it, an ATR-6 is even better than a PLY-3000 or YT-1210, being just as fast, with good sensors, but much better armed.

Year 10 Day 329 12:06
This is not a discussion thread.

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