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Year 11 Day 86 5:32
My health went below to -2 because I was trying to build blast doors and I just exited hyperspace and I cant do anything HELP PLEASE!

P.S. My health went that way 2 days ago and it won't rise any can an admin please give me the health I need.

Edited By: Corran Vivera on Year 11 Day 86 5:33
Year 11 Day 86 5:54
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Unfortunately the admins do not tend to interfere when there is a player led option available. Since you likely still have access to your inventory and crewlists you can call for a medical faction to come and revive you.

They will not be able to do it on your ship though as you need to be put into a bacta tank which requires 3 bacta refills to revive you. This is most likely going to cost a fair amount but is your only option I am afraid right now.

my advice now is to hunt around the medical factions, commerce forums and irc to find somebody who can get to you to revive you.

Year 11 Day 86 10:09
hitting your self in the head from a failure on blast doors takes from your HP. Im betting that this happened a few times, hence your unconscious now.
Best bet is to see about finding someone in your faction or friends that has a healer.

And becareful around doors from now on. ;)

Year 11 Day 86 11:41
Corran, send me a DM. You still flying a faction ship?

Year 11 Day 86 21:45
Hmm, I thought door bashing was restricted to a minimum of 1HP, and so wouldn't be able to knock you unconsious.

Year 11 Day 86 23:19
Yeah, isn't it supposed to say you're not able to make a door if your XP is below a certain number?

Maybe it's some sort of rounding error. I remember another bug recently where the event said someone lost 10HP but in reality the server took like 12.