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Year 11 Day 125 20:28
Noob question most likely, but I'll ask anyway.I'm going to get a Custom NPC soon, and I was wondering are you able to edit the image it has after a period of time? If so how would you go about to doing this.

Year 11 Day 126 0:35
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
There are two types of Custom NPCs - a NPC which its type is Custom (You hire at Academies) and a Custom NPC which you submit in the NPC request tool and is created at your location.

To get a custom *image* on any of them, just click on your CPs, and on to the "Exchange CPs" page. From there, scroll down to the Custom Image section and read the rules about custom images (important). Now you can select which type of entity you want to submit a custom image to (Room, Ship, NPC etc.), and put its ID number, and a link to a small image (100x100px) and a large image (400x300px to 600x600px).

Good luck!

Year 11 Day 126 0:57
Correction to Ryan's post:

There is only one Custom NPC - the one obtained through the Exchange CP page. There you do choose a custom image to be applied at time of creation.

If at some point in the future you don't like the image, or recieve a custom NPC (or any entity really that has a custom image) you can send a polite DM to the art team leader (Jevon currently) with the ID number and the new url for the image, and if its fine, it will be accepted and the urls swapped.

Year 11 Day 126 7:35
Thank you for the Information.