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Year 11 Day 126 21:14
I was recently reading through the Datacard Rules and I noticed a portion on Espionage with Datacards. Is it possible to actually steal a faction's DC, for opposing faction use? This has always made me curious, if this is touching into "Combat" then that's all the response I need.

Thanks in Advance,

Year 11 Day 126 21:50
Combat discussion is only 100% forbidden in the suggestions forum, and anywhere it's off topic. So you're fine posting about it here.

It's not yet possible to steal datacards. They aren't physical like items, they're electronic like stocks. They may be steal-able in the future.

Year 11 Day 127 5:10
Thanks for the information Phillip

Year 11 Day 127 6:07
Indeed, once R&D comes, its likely that DCs will become a physcial item which would then be used similar to the DC rules page stuff. Until then, pretty much all of it except the stuff about a custom image are not active.

Year 11 Day 130 1:20
Shritzu Shakaran
Shritzu Shakaran
Is it yet possible to steal ships or anything for that matter?

Year 11 Day 130 2:24
Yes and no. No, in that you can't fly up to one, break in, and then fly off in it. Yes in that during a trade you can 'pay' for a ship, and if they send first you can decide not to send the credits and get the ship for free. Very frowned upon and a lot of trades are done with middlemen to avoid this. There is another way, in that you could have a capital ship with a docking bay, be at the location of a ship, and get the owner to make you pilot. You can then dock that ship into yours and steal it that way. You can't do anything with it, but neither can the owner.